Our own Instruments

For Sale and Commision

For Sale and Commision


We strive in our aim of making fine quality instruments that will pass the test of time. We are both enthusiastic about new good quality instrument making. We individually believe that our instruments should not only sound great but should be outstandingly beautiful.

This process begins in selection of the best quality materials,  and good planning before construction of an instrument begins down to the making of our own varnishes. We each handcraft our own instruments according to the model or style chosen for that particular instrument. We have a stock of well seasoned European tone wood from which we make our instruments.

We are able to meet individual style and taste requirements while retaining the necessary elements for sound and playability. A good quality handmade instrument is an individual. No two pieces of wood are the same and as makers we take this variable into consideration when making each instrument as did our forebears before us.

We have a differing pricing structure depending on the instrument required and the type of varnish effect the instrument has. A good quality antiqued instrument takes longer to varnish, and has slightly differing construction methods than a new looking instrument and this is reflected in the price. We can make instruments look within reason as old as you choose.

We include an after care service with each of our handmade instruments. There is often minor movement in a new instrument and it is important to make adjustments when this happens to obtain the best sound. This usually occurs in the first 6 months of playing.

There are many benefits in commissioning an instrument. If you choose to commission an instrument we will discuss in detail your individual requirements for model and period set up, tone, projection, playability, fittings and varnish.

Whilst you do have to wait longer than for an off the shelf violin it is certainly worth the wait. You are able to see the creation of the instrument from the raw materials and be involved in the process. We will invite you to play the instrument “in the white” before it is varnished. Payment is by installment for each stage.

The cost for each instrument is dependent on your choice of wood and varnish method, and preferred fittings and strings. Whilst we do use traditional methods and styles we are not adverse to variations, and have over the years tried our own.