Repair & Restoration

A Crown of Choice

We are pleased to be able to offer a complete range of services from repair of children’s instruments to fine restoration for the professional player.

Our pricing structure reflects the differing needs and quality of product for a beginner, intermediate and professional player.

Advanced to the professional player:

We offer a comprehensive service including ; returning damaged and unplayable instruments to sound working order, bridge and sound post fitting, new pegs, fingerboard re shoots, crack repairs, internal patches including sound post patches, fitting of bass bars, arching corrections, cosmetic improvements to damaged varnish and recomendations for tonal improvements and tonal adjustments.

Children’s instruments:

We are strong believers that children’s new instruments should be correctly adjusted before use. We do not sell any new child’s instrument unless it has been checked and adjusted for playability for the young player. We do not sell as supplied straight from our supplier/ the manufacturer.