Instruments for Sale

Here are some examples of the instruments that we have available for sale.
We stock both a number of our own professional level new, hand-crafted instruments as well as a selection of older instruments.
Please feel free to get in touch about pricing.

There is also a range of intermediate to semi-professional level instruments available for purchase or hire on our sister site:



Copy of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù Violin
by Alan Williams

Violin based on the Old Italian Style
by Dota Williams

New Violin based on Stradivari design
by Dota Williams

3/4 sized Violin based on a design by Stradivari
jointly made by Alan & Dota Williams

Violin based on Stradivari design
Earlier example by Dota Williams

New Baroque Violin in the style of Stradivari
by Dota Williams
£7000 (inc. Case and Baroque Bow)

Old English Baroque Violin
Forster School (Original Back, Neck & possibly Pegs – Replacement Antique Front and Ribs)

Fine Old French Violin (I)

Primavera 90 Violin (Entry Level Instrument)
Fully Setup for Easy Playing.
1/2 & 1/4 Size In Stock – other sizes available to order.
£111 inc. case & bow (string upgrades available)


New 16.25″ Viola, custom design after various influences
by Dota Williams

15.6″ English Viola1931
by Arthur Richardson

16.5″ English Viola 1997
by Stephen Robinson


German Cello – 1994
by Franz Sandner

New, Good Quality Student Cello
Workshop Cello – Setup by Resonant Strings

Recently Sold

Handmade Cello, Stradivari Model
by Alan Williams

Fine Old French Violin (II)
Unlabelled – Fully setup with tamarind wood fittings

New Violin (Commission, custom design)
Joint collaboration between Dota & Alan Williams

Looking for intermediate to semi-professional quality instruments to buy or hire?

Please take at look the selection available at our sister site:
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