Instruments for Sale

Here are some examples of the instruments that we have available for sale.
We stock a number of our own professional level new, hand-crafted instruments, superb value beginner instruments, as well a selection of fine older instruments.
Please feel free to get in touch about pricing.

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Copy of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù Violin
by Alan Williams

Violin based on the Old Italian Style
by Dota Williams

New Baroque Violin in the style of Stradivari
by Dota Williams
£7000 (inc. case & Baroque Bow)

Old English Baroque Violin
Forster School (Original Back, Neck & possibly Pegs – Replacement Antique Front and Ribs)

Fine Old French Violin

Old German Violin

This attractive old German violin, known as a Maidstone brand was imported into the UK by the Murdoch company,. c.1900. We have fully refurbished it with new ebony pegs, integrated tailpiece, new soundpost, bridge, chinrest and prelude D’Addario strings.
This lovely sounding violin is suited to an intermediate player or musical beginner looking for an instrument that will totally encourage you in your musical journey!

Small Sized Violins

1/2 sized New Violin based on Old Italian designs
by Alan Williams
£4000 inc. case, bow & handmade rosin

This high quality beautiful half size violin was recently hand made in our workshop by Alan Williams using superb and well seasoned European tone wood and fittings.
It has been made with a talented and gifted musician in mind and is part of our Handmade Range; built to last generations and inspire young gifted musicians by creating an instrument that will do so much more than your average small size instrument.

3/4 sized New Violin based on a design by Stradivari
jointly made by Alan & Dota Williams
£5500 inc. case, bow & handmade rosin

A superb, large sounding instrument hand made in our workshop by Alan and Dota taking inspiration from Stradivari’s design. This model is designed with younger (or indeed smaller framed) players in mind. Maximising the potential vibrating air space and generally giving a powerful sound, it’s tonal palette also offers the player a rich variety of colours.

Primavera 90 Violin (Entry Level Instrument)
Fully Setup for Easy Playing.
1/2 & 1/4 Size In Stock – other sizes available to order.
£135 inc. case & bow (string upgrades available)


16.25″ Viola, custom design after various influences
by Dota Williams

15.6″ English Viola1931
by Arthur Richardson

16.5″ English Viola 1997
by Stephen Robinson


Modern Cello based upon a Stradivari design
by Dota Williams handmade using traditional Cremonese methods.

Since it was originally sold it has had an active musical life including being played by a high level achieving music student, and following change of hands it has been used by its current owners in both teaching and professional playing including in the BBC Symphony orchestra.

An earlier example of Dota’s work, it is being sold at a reduced rate from her current commission rate of £17,000.
It has hand made amber oil varnish and some gentle wear patterns.
It is sold with an aftercare package excluding fittings and strings.


Primavera 100 cello outfit
Complete with soft case, bow & rosin. Setup by Resonant Strings

This full size cello comes with a soft case, bow and rosin. It is an excellent cello for beginner-intermediate players.
It has been adjusted in our workshop to make the set up far more comfortable for ease of playing and upgraded with prelude D’Addario strings for that extra warmer sound

New, Good Quality Student Cello
Workshop Cello – Setup by Resonant Strings

Double Bass

German Double Bass
Markneukirchen c.1960

Recently Sold

Antique German Violin
This instrument has undergone full restoration in our workshop. It is sold with an aftercare package excluding fittings and strings

Old French Violin
Labelled 1830

This beautiful old French violin with a one piece back is suited to the intermediate to advanced player. It has undergone extensive refurbishment in our workshop including new ebony pegs, integrated tailpiece, new soundpost, bridge, chinrest and high quality Larsen original strings.
This is an instrument that won’t disappoint!

New Violin based on Stradivari design
by Dota Williams

German Cello – 1994
by Franz Sandner

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