Instruments for Sale

Here are some examples of the instruments that we have available for sale.
We stock both a number of our own professional level new, hand-crafted instruments as well as a selection of older instruments.
Please feel free to get in touch about pricing.

There is also a range of intermediate to semi-professional level instruments available for purchase or hire on our sister site:



Copy of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù Violin
by Alan Williams

New Violin based on the Old Italian Style
by Dota Williams

3/4 sized Violin based on a design by Stradivari
jointly made by Alan & Dota Williams

New Baroque Violin in the style of Stradivari
by Dota Williams

Violin based on Stradivari design
Earlier example by Dota Williams

Fine Old French Violin (I)

Fine Old French Violin (II)


New 16.25″ Viola, custom design after various influences
by Dota Williams

15.6″ English Viola1931
by Arthur Richardson

16.5″ English Viola 1997
by Stephen Robinson


Handmade Cello, Stradivari Model
by Alan Williams

New, Good Quality, Modern Cello
Workshop Cello – Setup by Resonant Strings

Recently Sold

New Violin (Commission, custom design)
Joint collaboration between Dota & Alan Williams

Looking for intermediate to semi-professional quality instruments to buy or hire?

Please take at look the selection available at our sister site:
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