Repairs, Restoration & Setup

We offer a complete range of services from the repair or setup of new beginners’ & children’s instruments right through to fine restoration for the professional player.

Our quotes always reflect the differing requirements for a beginner, intermediate and professional player. We never undertake work without client approval and always strive to offer competitive, reasonable quotes. Wherever possible, we will suggest a range of solutions and will always be honest about the economical viability of repairs of less expensive instruments.

See a list of our typical services below.

If you have any questions about setting up instruments, repairs / restoration of damaged instruments please do get in touch to discuss what help we can offer.

Advanced – Professional Players

We offer comprehensive services including (but not limited to):

Returning damaged and unplayable instruments to proper working order
– Bridge & sound post fitting
– New pegs
– Fingerboard re-shoots
– Crack repairs
– Internal patches (including sound post patches)
– Fitting of bass bars
– Arching corrections
– Cosmetic improvements to damaged varnish

– Setup checks
– Recommendations for tonal improvements & tonal adjustments

Beginner / Children’s Instruments

We firmly believe that beginners & children should receive new instruments that are completely correctly adjusted before use.

Manufacturers often ship new beginner / children’s instrument in a poorly setup state and unlike many online retailers / instrument dealers, we never sell instruments until they have been properly checked and setup.

We do not sell any new child’s or beginner instrument until it has been checked for its suitability & adjusted appropriately for its playability.